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The Story    Started from a dream to create an exquisite place for people to experience pleasure and quality time while enjoying great food at the same time. Several people decided to create a restaurant with a simple elegant design which provided not only fine cuisine, but also an oasis for coffee lovers to blissfully rejuvenate.    From easy talks to serious dream creation, a splendid dream indeed transpired, Kalpa Tree opened for public on August 15, 2017 embracing it's celebrated customers on a soft opening day.    A few months operational, a new addition to the already enchanting facility was introduced, a towering semi-open air . Kalpa Tree Lounge opened it's offering a soothing classy atmosphere for light meals and easy drinking enjoyment. It is Kalpa Tree what we are called ourselves where fine food and beverages meet impeccable photographic escapade that is truly opulence for everyone to comfortably enjoy.


The Products

  • Coffee Bar

An architecture escapade with high open ceiling and oversized windows where fine coffee and beverages are presented by our well seasoned baristas. Ranging from classic to modern styling coffee presentation and refined fresh juices to refreshing virgin mojitos, all of our creations are prepared from the finest ingredients served in a heavenly venue exquisite for all coffee and drink afficianados to embracely celebrate.

Smoking Area and Non Smoking Area Available.

  • Restaurant

An open atmosphere garden and poolside premium and casual dining venue complimented with a glass VIP Room on the 2nd floor offering a range of local and international cuisine with touch of a modern style.

VIP area 2nd Floor : 24 seats ( Non Smoking Area )

VIP Pool Side : 12 seats ( Smoking Area )

Meeting Room : 40 seats ( Non Smoking Area )

Seating Capacity : 230 seats

Opening Hours :

   Monday        : 07am - 10pm

   Tuesday       : 07am - 10pm

   Wednesday  : 07am - 10pm

   Thursday     : 07am - 10pm

   Friday          : 07am - 11pm

   Saturday     : 07am - 11pm

   Sunday       : 07am - 10pm

  • Pastry and Bakery

           An open kitchen pastry nestled by the restaurant's gardenside venue offering a variety of well decorated pastry and   bakery products prepared from freshest quality ingredients ie: bread, cookies, cakes and other baked products for immadiate enjoyment or delightful gift take aways.

  • Lounge

An enjoyable and relaxing high ceiling semi-open air light meals and drinking lounge, equipped with speakeasy bar and outdoor patio overlooking an open garden with mountainous view. Serving from extra chilled cold beer to international cocktails and a selection of quality wine and fine spirits, a variation of nimbles and pleasureable meal companions are some blissful combinations to perfect an enjoyable evening of a casual yet classy escapade while gliding thru an occasional live music on offer.

Smoking Area : Yes

VIP Area : Yes - 8 seats

Seating Capacity : 100 seats

Open Hours : Weekday 05pm - 12pm

  Weekend 05pm - 12pm


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Our Address

Jl. Kiputih no 37 Ciumbuleuit Bandung
West Java 40142

(022) 64402875
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Kalpatree Dine & Chill

Restaurant | Coffee Bar | Lounge

  • Restaurant - Coffee Bar

    Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

    Saturday 10.00 am - 11.00 pm

    Sunday 08.00 am - 10.00 pm

  • Lounge

    Weekday 05.00 pm - 01.00 am

    Weekend 05.00 pm - 02.00 am